K-T&S’s field analysis of its customers revealed that it was difficult to find a market solution meeting the specific needs of certain sectors in their automated and mobile management project.

K-T&S has developed an automated inventory solution: K-Inventory Solution (K-iS). It is the basis of the software suite that K-T&S is seeking to develop to meet different market needs. Different applications have been implemented since 2017 to:

  • Simplify the Inventory and Stock Management using the RFID Technology
  • Helping Field Team Mobility
  • Allowing feedback of equipment information in real time (IoT).

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Package includes

Intuitive interface

K-inventory Solution has an intuitive interface, accessible through your web browser.

RFID chips and other contactless tags

RFID chips resistant to electromagnetic environments and other non-contact technologies such as bar code and QR code.
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Scanners and tablets

High-performance RFID readers and industrial tablets, and their number is determined by your needs.

Training and maintenance

Our solution is intuitive and easy to handle, but a short training is still necessary. In addition, our maintenance services are fully available to help you benefit from our solution.

Our K-iS application suite


Data Center

Management and monitoring of your equipment and interventions in Datacenter.
  • Digitalization of your local operations
  • Automated inventory via contactless technologies (RFID, Barcode, QrCode)
  • Tracking of point-to-point connections
  • 2D/3D view of your racks

Stock control

Management and monitoring of stock flows in real time.
  • Recurring inventories of equipment and consumables
  • Order’s planning and receiving
  • Replenishment management (Alert by mail)

Internet of Things (IoT)

Managing and tracking your connected objects (IoT) remotely and in real time.
  • Improving your business processes
  • Optimizing the reliability of your performance
  • Custom dashboards

FTTX studies and works

Automation and optimization of field interventions.
  • Vertical deployment study
  • Chambers reports (FOA)
  • BAL reports
  • Automation of DOE returns

Intervention management

Digitization of claims management processes.
  • Consolidation and security of records
  • Operations and technical monitoring diaries
  • Geolocation of the vehicle fleet
  • Electronic signature