The combination of expert teams and our digital field studies solutions enables K-Technology & Services to meet the requirements of a highly constrained environment while offering an efficient and quality deployment service to our customers.

FTTX deployments and solutions


Reports and studies with our solutions

  • Study on field and building
  • FOA report and posts
  • DOE rendering application
  • Application on verticalized APD rendering
  • BAL report
  • Planning and follow-up of interventions

FTTH deployment

  • Deployment of turnkey fiber optic infrastructures (APS, APD…)
  • Technical skills of NRO at PTO on all types of engineering
  • Installation of optical vertical wiring
  • PMI/PMZ mutualization
  • Refectometric measures

FTTA deployment

  • Turnkey skills in BTS 4G
  • Turnkey skills on 5G projects
  • Overall management of the WDM part
  • Maintenance monitoring
  • Troubleshooting