K Inventory solution is a 100% French tool, simple and easy to set up. Using contactless technologies (QR code, RFID and even IoT), the software allows to manage IT stock as well as a furniture park or any type of equipment.
This SaaS software (online software) is usable from a computer and several devices, such as smartphones or tablets by a simple free download of the K Inventory mobile application. You can connect from anywhere to track your equipment, your stock, and manage your inventory!

Way more than just a stock management tool, our solution enables you to manage your whole equipment park.

K inventory allows you to :

  • Optimise the tracking of your assets
  • Fight against waste caused by the loss of equipment
  • Supervise the life-cycle of your equipment: from its purchase, setting, inventory, maintenance, withdrawal…to the end of its life cycle

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Coupled with contactless technologies (RFID, QR code, barcodes) and IoT 

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Automate the inventory management system

Manage the equipment’s location

Facilitate your teams’ mobility
(available on smartphones, tablets and computers)

Manage and supervise your field teams on their stock and inventory operation

Plan and automate the flow processing (inputs / outputs)

Manage supplies and equipment orders

Alert thresholds send by email 

Customised dashboards

Choose an innovative, tailor-made and easy deployable software solution!

Easy and quick inventory

Possibility to work offline
10x quicker than a traditional solution

Simple Configuration

Management of custom fields, user authorisations, reporting, alerts…

Short implementation duration

By integrating pilot, scopes, installation and training phases, set up in less than 1 month.


Interfacing with other softwares and mass data recovery

Easy interfacing with other tools thanks to our API.

Change management

Our solution is intuitive and easy to handle, but a short training course could be necessary. We are here to guide and help you

Our application suite:
K Inventory

Stock management

Management and real-time monitoring of inventory flows.

  • Routine inventory of equipments and supplies
  • Planning and order receipt
  • Replenishment planning (by email alert)

Data center

Management and monitoring of your equipment and interventions in the Data Center.

  • Digitalisation of your local operations
  • Automated inventory through contactless technologies (RFID, barcode, QrCode)
  • Monitoring of point-to-point link chains
  • 2D/3D view of your racks

IoT connected objects

Management and monitoring of your connected objects (IoT) remotely and in real time.

  • Improve your business processes
  • Optimise your performance reliability
  • Customised dashboards

K inventory on video

Take a look at our full and secure SaaS solution

Customer story: the Société Générale